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Summer Camp Flyball Tournament

Droolin Dragsters were once again on the move. We traveled to Athans, GA to the Summer Camp flyball tournament hosted by Double Dog Dare. Many thanks to DDD, it was a lot of fun. We were short a dog and Carole and her boy Trevie ran with us. Joe came out for a visit and to help, and as always we put him to work. Cassie earned her 5000 points, FM, Flyball Master on Saturday, her 2nd birthday. Zoe also brought home a new title, she earned her FDX, Flyball Dog Excellent. We grilled steaks out at Trish’s new camper on Saturday evening, and had a great dinner. We all wished for a video camera when the grill collapsed – twice.

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June Flyball in Clanton, AL

Droolin Dragsters traveled to Clanton for the June flyball tournament hosted by Dixie Flyers. We all had a great time and a BIG thank you goes out to Jeanne Harem and her Dixie Flyers. Both teams traveled, Kickin Asphalt was short a dog. We only had four that we knew would run, so Midas was listed – just in case. We had the need for just in case, and he completed the runs but he was sooooo sloooooow. Kibble Krew, our green team – well – they did the green dog thing. So it was a rough weekend for points but it was fun and we learned we needed to mix the teams more. Trish started running Ghost lead and has decided that she likes that job.

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Bluegrass Spring Fling

The Droolin Dragsters would like to thank all of the teams that came out to our tournament. We had a great time and our Kickin Asphalt team did very well over the weekend ( special thanks to Julia and Coal for keeping us going). Kibble Krew had a few more issues and didn’t do as well, but as our green team they are getting better. We hope that everyone that attended enjoyed it as much as we did. We would like to thank our Judges Jeanne Harem and Sandy Forseth for keeping us straight and the tournament running smoothly. Our head table stuck it out all weekend, and in spite of my learning curve, kept the paperwork up.

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Red Eye Flight Flyball Tournament

Kickin Asphalt drove down to Clanton, Al to participate in the flyball tournament hosted by Jeanne Harem and the Dixie Flyers, April 16 – 17. It wasn’t our best tournament but we all had fun. We were running a new lineup as not all of the team could go, so it was a bit of a challenge. Midas decided he wouldn’t let me out of the motor home without him and he is a lot of dog to argue with. But in spite of it all Cassie came home with her FDCh-G and Baby came home with His FDX

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Masquerade Run Flyball Tournament

Kickin Asphalt and Kibble Krew teams both traveled down to Clanton, AL to compete in the Masquerade Run Flyball tournment, hosted by Jeanne Harem and the Dixie Flyers. The racing wasn’t our best but we all had fun and several dogs came home with new titles. Candy received her Flyball Dog, Austin and Cassandra both received their FDch-G (Flyball Dog Champion – Gold). The teams both went out to celebrate the weekend with a great dinner on Saturday. Many thanks to Jeanne for another great tournament. And as a side note – we once again are missing someone from our picture, we weren’t sure where Marie was hiding, but we did manage to get everyone else.

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