Flyball is a fast, furious, loud competitive sport, often referred to as the Rock & Roll of dog sports.  It is fun and great for bonding with your pet.  So if you don’t like spending quality time with your furry family members . . . then this is probably NOT for you, however, if you are like us and don’t care that there is dog hair on your favorite sweater . . .

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A flyball team consists of four dogs who run a relay race.  The dogs must run over four hurdles, hit a spring loaded box, which launches a tennis ball.  They must catch the ball (or pick up if they miss) then return over the same four hurdles bringing the ball with them.  Then dog number 2 goes, then 3 and 4.  This being a race, two teams run simultaneously and it is a head to head run to see which team finishes first.

The lanes for the 2 teams are spaced about 12 feet apart and are 51 feet long.  Each lane consists of the 4 hurdles, spaced 10 feet apart, a start/finish line, and the spring loaded box.

Competitions are sanctioned by two different organizations:  NAFA and U-Fli.  We compete in both NAFA and U-Fli tournaments as often as the availability of our team members allow.

Interest???   Come on out and play –

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Beginners Class:

Introduction to flyball. This class teaches you how to ” load the clicker”, luring, motivation and the retrieve. These are 3 key components to training and make it easy for you to help your dog learn.  Your dog will learn the return run (1 hurdle, 2 hurdles, 3 hurdles and 4 hurdles), the swim turn, victory runs, motivators, Chase drills.


At this level you will  learn techniques of motivation, the out run to the box with hurdles (1 hurdle, 2 hurdles, 3 hurdles and 4 hurdles), swim turn on the box, drag racing and run rights.  And don’t forget – while learning all theses new tricks of the game you will still be practicing everything you learned in the beginners class.


At the advanced level the training is  specific to competition requirements and practices and must be done in a team setting.  Once you and your pet are proficient in completing entire runs you will both be integrated into a team for team training which is where we all learn to run together as a cohesive unit.


Dogs must be six months or older, have current vaccinations be leash trained, and friendly to people and other animals.

Equipment Needed:

Six foot web or leather leash, buckle or quick release collar (no chain leashes or collars). Treats that your dog “really” likes (can be chopped up hot dogs). Your dogs favorite toy for motivation (many members use frisbees or tug toys).

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