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Congratulations Sara and Candy

Sara and Candy have been busy working on their agility. At a Trial in Franklin, TN, this July, they pulled 6 Q’s, and earned two titles, Novice Fast Preferred and Open Standard Preferred. Great Job Sara and Candy

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Beginners Class

We’re about to begin a novice/beginners agility class! Please contact us if you are interested in being apart of this class. Will be Sundays, time TBD

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NADAC Agility trial in Murfreesboro

Gary took Madison and Machiavelli and traveled down to Murfreesboro, TN to compete in the final trial of K9 Sports of Tennessee NADAC Championship.  They had a fantastic weekend.  Madison came home with 7 Qualifications and 12 First Place Ribbons.  Mack brought home 6 Qualifications and 4 First Place, 4 Second Place, 1 Third Place, 1 Fourth Place, and 1 Fifth Place Ribbon.

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K9 Sports Three Trial Competition

Gary Jones and Jack competed in the three NADAC trials hosted by K9 Sports of Tennessee in 2013, February, September, and December.  Jack placed second for the entire series.  Way to go Jack!


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Agility Team Triumphs

CCSA’s Agility team has been busy since last September. Most of the team traveled to Huntsville, AL in November to compete in an NADAC Agility Trial. Over the weekend they brought home 14 Qualifications, 13 First Place, 7 Second Place, 4 Third Place with Keira being the Star of the weekend.

Gary went to play flyball that weekend and went to an AKC Trial the weekend of the 25th. It was Madison’s second trial and she, again came home with 1 Qualification, a Second Place this time, Jack was also competing that weekend and also came home with 1Q and a Second Place.  He is going to have to speed up or Little Maddi is going to out run him.

December the team was a little closer to home,  Murfreesboro, TN for NADAC. The team brought home an impressive 31 Qualifications, 16 First Place, 9 Second Place, 14 Third Place, 6 Fourth Place, and 8  new Titles. And while Kiera was the star of the weekend the team was ready to celebrate Libby’s first Trial. Libby managed to Qualify her first trial and bring home a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place ribbon.

January was an AKC month in Franklin, TN.   AKC being a bit more challenging than NADAC the team brought home fewer ribbons but still did real well with 7 Qualifications, 3 First, 3 Seconds, and Madison earning her 1st Title – Novice Jumper With Weaves.  Breezie and Ky were the Stars earning 2 Q’s each with Ky getting 2 First Place.

February the team was back in Murfreesboro for NADAC.

March was the trip to Louisville, KY for the AKC Trial.

Huntsville, AL was host to the team in April for another NADAC Trial.  And once again the team did extremely well, they brought home 32 Qualifications, 17 First Place, 16 Second Place, 7 Third Place, 8 Fourth Place, and 7 new Titles.  Jackie and Keira both Qualified 6 times, while Ky and Gus Qualified 5.   The young ones Breeze and Maddison managed to Qualify 3 times each and Libby – the newest to competition qualified once.  The old dog,  Mikey, hung in there and brought home 3 qualifications.


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