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October AKC Agility Trial

Gary and Beth, October 2011 AKC Agility

Gary and Beth traveled to Franklin, TN for an AKC Agility Trial on October. 8th and 9th. The team did not bring back a lot of ribbons this weekend, it was a tough weekend. Keira and Ky did not qualify all weekend but they had some great runs. Jack, in his second trial, and running slow, managed to qualify once, earning a 3rd Place, and Mikki also qualified once earning a 2nd Place.


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Franklin NADAC Agility Trial September 17 and 18

Beth Gerbert and Gary Jones traveled to Franklin for a NADAC Agility Trial. Beth with her two Australian Shepherds, Kiera and Ky traveled down and competed on both Saturday and Sunday. Gary, with his two border collies, Mikki and Jack, traveled down to compete on Sunday after doing a flyball demonstration in Paducah, KY on Saturday.  Kiera and Ky had a fantastic weekend. Kiera completed two qualifying runs earning a Third Place and a new Title.  Ky,  was CCSA’s star of the weekend earning a total of 5 qualifying runs. 2 First Place, 6 Second Place, 1 Third Place and a new Title. Mikki had 3 qualifying runs earning 2 First Place, 2 Second Place and 1 Third Place. It was Jack’s very first agility trial and although he didn’t have a qualifying run he did come home with two third place ribbons. Gary was a very proud of his boy.

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Franklin, TN Agility Trial, August 6 and 7

On August 6th and 7th  Gary Jones & Beth Gerbert traveled to Franklin TN for an AKC agility trial. Gary Jones led his dog Mikki to three Q’s, 3 First place ribbons and one double Qualifying run. For a K-9 close to retirement age Gary is very proud of his girl and looks forward to the day when the new puppy Madison can join in the family tradition of bringing home the gold! Beth led her younger dog Ky to a 3rd place victory in Jumpers category, but Kiera, another older girl, had to withdraw from this competition due to an injury. She is now on the road to recovery.

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Stay the Course


CCSA club member and local dog trainer Gary Jones and his dog Mikki participated in an AKC Agility trial on May 20th-22nd. Mikki enjoyed her many runs on this course and came away with three Qualifying runs; out of which two took 1st place ribbons and one 2nd place. As further proof that old dogs can learn new tricks (Mikki being 11 years old) earned for herself two Master’s Titles the MX-Standard as well as the MXJ-Jumpers with Weaves.

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Run the Course


On April 23rd and 24th, in Huntsville, Alabama two members of Clarksville’s own CCSA participated in a NADAC Agility trial. Gary Jones, local trainer, club member and dog handler, led his dog Mikki to eight Qualifying runs through the course. During these completed runs Mikki claimed four 1st place ribbons, three 2nd place ribbons, and one 3rd place ribbon, as well as earning a title in Regular Agility. Another local handler and club member Beth led her dog Ky through five Qualifying runs in which she took two 1st place, two 2nd place, two 3rd place, and one 4th place ribbon. Ky earned a title in Tunnels. Beth also led her second dog Kiera through three Qualified runs earning one 2nd place and two 4th place ribbons and a title in Hoopers.

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