Murfreesboro NADAC Agility Trial

Gary,  Beth  and Brandy went to Murfreesboro on December 12th and 13th to compete in a NADAC sanctioned Agility Trial. This was Brandy and her dog Star’s first trial. Although Star did not qualify on her runs over the weekend, they had a good time and Star experienced first hand the fun and excitement of a Trial. Beth’s two Australian Shepherds, Ky and Keira came home with 5 Qualifications. Ky qualified 2 times over the weekend with 1 Second and 1 Fourth Place. Keira Qualified 3 times with 1 Third Place and 1 Fourth Place and earning a new Jumpers Title. Mikki and Mikey, Gary’s border collie and golden retriever, had a great weekend bringing home 13 Qualifications between them. Mikki qualified 5 times with 2 First Place, 1 Second Place, and 2 Third Place ribbons earning 4 new titles in Weavers, Jumpers, Tunnelers, and Touch & Go. Mikey had the best weekend, he came home with 8 Qualifications, 1 First Place, 2 Second Place, 2 Third Place, 1 Fourth Place Ribbons and a title in Tunnelers.

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