NADAC Agility Trial

Clarksville Canine Sports Association Members Gary Jones, with his dog Mikki and Beth Gerbert with Kiera and Ky traveled to Murfreesboro to compete in a NADAC Agility Trial on February 12th and 13th. It was a great weekend. Kiera had 2 clean Qualifying runs with no errors earning 1 Fourth Place, Ky had 2 clean Qualifying runs with 1 First, 1 Third, 2 Fourth and 3 Fifth Place Ribbons. Mikki had a fantastic weekend, she had 9 clean, error free Qualifying runs earning 6 First, 1 Fourth, and 2 Fifth place ribbons, earning three new titles, one in each Jumpers, Tunnelers and Hoopers and placing 11th in the Championship standings.

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