NADAC Agility Trial in Bowling Green, KY



Clarksville Canine Sports Association Agility team members, Gary Jones with Jack, Beth Gerbert with Keira and KY, Rita and Harris Woods with Buddy, traveled to Bowling Green, KY to compete in a NADAC Agility Trial August 18th and 19th. This was Buddy’s first trial. Beth ran Buddy for the weekend and although he didn’t qualify he came home with a 5th Place Ribbon. Great job for a 1st Trial. Keira, our star of the weekend, came home with 6 Qualifying runs, six 1st Place, two 2nd Place, two 4th Place and 4 new Titles. Ky brought home five Qualifying runs, four 1st Place, three 2nd Place, one 3rd Place, one 4th Place and one new Title. Jack brought home six Qualifying runs, two 1st Place, four 2nd Place, two 3rd Place, two 4th Place and two new Titles.

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