NADAC Agility in Bowling Green, KY

September 15th & 16th found the Clarksville Canine Sports Association Competitive Agility team in Bowling Green, KY to compete in a NADAC Agility Trial.  Team members Gary Jones with Jack, Beth Gerbert with Kiera, Brandy Ewing, Rita & Harris Woods with Buddy and Serena with Gus all made the trip to compete.  The team had a great weekend coming home with 12 Qualifying runs.  Serena Goodpasture and Gus came home with 2 Second Place and 1 Third.  Gary ran Buddy for Rita & Harris and Qualified once, with 1 First Place, 4 Second Place and 1 Third Place.  Brandy ran Kiera for Beth and they came home with 5 Qualifying Runs, 5 First Place and 1 Third Place.  Gary’s Jackie was the star of the weekend with 6 Qualifying Runs, 1 Title, 6 First Place, 2 Second Place, 1 Third Place, and 1 Fourth Place.

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