Droolin Dragsters Qualify for the Nationals

The Droolin Dragsters traveled all the way to Wilmington, OH in April to compete in the Qualifier for the National Championships hosted by Reeking Havoc.  The raced Saturday and came in first place in our Division.  We are going to the Nationals in August!

Mac, Gary’s youngest border, was there to compete in his first tournament.  He raced in singles both Saturday and Sunday morning.  He did great for the first time on the tournament floor.  We were all stationed at strategic spots up and down the lane to keep him from crossing over but the boy surprised us, he stayed in his lane and even ran a couple of heats at 4.9.


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Agility Team Triumphs

CCSA’s Agility team has been busy since last September. Most of the team traveled to Huntsville, AL in November to compete in an NADAC Agility Trial. Over the weekend they brought home 14 Qualifications, 13 First Place, 7 Second Place, 4 Third Place with Keira being the Star of the weekend.

Gary went to play flyball that weekend and went to an AKC Trial the weekend of the 25th. It was Madison’s second trial and she, again came home with 1 Qualification, a Second Place this time, Jack was also competing that weekend and also came home with 1Q and a Second Place.  He is going to have to speed up or Little Maddi is going to out run him.

December the team was a little closer to home,  Murfreesboro, TN for NADAC. The team brought home an impressive 31 Qualifications, 16 First Place, 9 Second Place, 14 Third Place, 6 Fourth Place, and 8  new Titles. And while Kiera was the star of the weekend the team was ready to celebrate Libby’s first Trial. Libby managed to Qualify her first trial and bring home a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place ribbon.

January was an AKC month in Franklin, TN.   AKC being a bit more challenging than NADAC the team brought home fewer ribbons but still did real well with 7 Qualifications, 3 First, 3 Seconds, and Madison earning her 1st Title – Novice Jumper With Weaves.  Breezie and Ky were the Stars earning 2 Q’s each with Ky getting 2 First Place.

February the team was back in Murfreesboro for NADAC.

March was the trip to Louisville, KY for the AKC Trial.

Huntsville, AL was host to the team in April for another NADAC Trial.  And once again the team did extremely well, they brought home 32 Qualifications, 17 First Place, 16 Second Place, 7 Third Place, 8 Fourth Place, and 7 new Titles.  Jackie and Keira both Qualified 6 times, while Ky and Gus Qualified 5.   The young ones Breeze and Maddison managed to Qualify 3 times each and Libby – the newest to competition qualified once.  The old dog,  Mikey, hung in there and brought home 3 qualifications.


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NADAC Agility in Bowling Green, KY

September 15th & 16th found the Clarksville Canine Sports Association Competitive Agility team in Bowling Green, KY to compete in a NADAC Agility Trial.  Team members Gary Jones with Jack, Beth Gerbert with Kiera, Brandy Ewing, Rita & Harris Woods with Buddy and Serena with Gus all made the trip to compete.  The team had a great weekend coming home with 12 Qualifying runs.  Serena Goodpasture and Gus came home with 2 Second Place and 1 Third.  Gary ran Buddy for Rita & Harris and Qualified once, with 1 First Place, 4 Second Place and 1 Third Place.  Brandy ran Kiera for Beth and they came home with 5 Qualifying Runs, 5 First Place and 1 Third Place.  Gary’s Jackie was the star of the weekend with 6 Qualifying Runs, 1 Title, 6 First Place, 2 Second Place, 1 Third Place, and 1 Fourth Place.

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The Dragsters compete in NAFA Tournament



Clarksville Canine Sports Associations Flyball Team the Droolin Dragsters traveled to Talladega, AL to compete in a NAFA Flyball Tournament on September 8th & 9th.  We ran as an open team, with Lee Short and her dog Brigitte running with the team as our height dog.  The team had a great weekend.  We took a whole second off of our seed time running three heats over the weekend that were less than 22 seconds, and came in Third in our division on both days.  It was Madison’s first attempt at running with the team and she showed us again what green dogs are capable of – crossing over.  She got a little more than she bargained for and she ended up being chased by a german shepherd.

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Droolin Dragsters Win U-Fli National Championship in their Division 6th year Running!


Clarksville Canine Sports Association’s flyball team, the Droolin Dragsters traveled all the way to Kearney, NE to compete in the U-fli National Championships on August 24th, 25th, and 26th. Three team dogs ran in singles on Friday.  Max and Griz were racing in the same division, Max came home with 1st place and Griz took 3rd place in their division. Mandy was racing in a different division, and even though this was only her second competition she came home with 1st place in her division. The Championship tournament ran Saturday and Sunday and the Dragsters came home with first place in their division for the 6th year in a row!

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